Friday, August 6, 2010

Five Question Friday

OK...I just didn't have time today for my regular Friday'm just gonna do 5QFriday! :)

1. Are you a neat sleeper or a messy sleeper?

Very, very in, if I could slip out of the top of my covers, you wouldn't even know I'd slept in the bed.  Once I go to sleep, I don't move.  I can't stand the sheet to be wrinkled and I pull it straight around me.  Of course, this makes it easy to make the bed in the morning! :)

2. Fill in the blank. I wish I was more ________________.

I could put a thousand things there I think...

More outgoing...well, outgoing in situations where I don't know as many people...I tend to hold back

More wiling to eat better and exercise

More conscientous of my finances

More comfortable with my body...of course, I think that ties back to eating better & exercising

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?

another one with multiple answers! :)

credit cards is a big one...well, I was warned about that, but didn't listen

Ransom (the Mel Gibson movie)...I didn't make it through 15 minutes of that movie before I had to turn it off

Also, The Sixth Sense...I watched it with my sister & brother-in-law (well, he was boyfriend at that time) at the beach and when I went to bed, I climbed in bed with Dylan...I just couldn't sleep by myself

And, I'd have to say Seven (Brad Pitt)...another one that kept me up for a while

4. What was the best thing you ever found at a garage sale/flea market?

Well, a lot of my stuff came from a yard sale that our church had the summer I moved!  I bought a George Foreman grill for $2, an iron for $1, an electric skillet for $2, a Pampered Chef slicer for $2 and a chair for $5.  I think there was some other stuff, but I can't remember what they are...but all of those things still work well!!!

5. If you could have any meal brought to you right now, what would it be?
well, I'm full now...but I've really been wanting a good Krispy Kreme doughnut right about now...that'd be awesome!
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I loved The Sixth Sense but it totally freaked me out. I've been told about Seven so I've avoided watching it.

I need to eat and exercise better too.

Jen said...

HA! I was warned about credit cards and I didn't listen either! Oh, well...