Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is supposedly a "recruitment" video for Appalachian State might not appreciate the humor of this video if you aren't familiar with ASU like I am...

ASU is located in Boone, NC...which is in the mountains...which means that it is rarely "hot, hot, hot".  Trust January, there isn't a "hot, hot, hot" place to be found on the campus of ASU!  I've never been so cold in my life...well, maybe this past winter when we had highs in the 20's...which means that Boone was having highs in the 10's (is that what you say there?).  They also forget to mention the bitterly, cold wind that blows snow all over you while you are walking to class!

I wish I could find the UGA video that I heard this makes this one look good! HAHA!

Go Mountaineers! :)


Jen said...

Haha, too funny! You're right - in those long winter months, there's nothing HOT about the NC mountains!

Michelle Pixie said...

Bwahahaha! Why do I feel cold?! ;-) I think I will be passig on that HOT HOT HOT one!

Anonymous said...

YouTube and my computer hate each other :( High's in the 10's is way to cold for me.

Rachel said...

Seeing that it's 105 degrees here today, I kinda like thinking about walking in 20 degree weather. It cools me off! ;)

Have a great weekend!!