Saturday, July 31, 2010

Could-a, should-a, would-a Saturday

I could-a...

gone to the store to get some cleaning supplies to clean my nasty shower and mop my tea-spotted kitchen floor (sweet tea...thank you very much Dylan)

I should-a...

paid some bills and reconciled my check book

I would-a...

gone swimming and to the Newsong concert if it hadn't rained today (the concert was outdoors)

Instead, I...

 - did a quick clean when I thought my favorite twins were coming to visit
 - bugged Dylan...A LOT
 - laid on the couch and read a book
 - went to dinner at CiCi's with my parents
 - read a lot of blogs today and found some new ones to follow

All in all, the best kind of Saturday! :)


Tiffany said...

Sounds like a good Saturday to me. At least you had some goals even though those weren't the ones finished. Hope your Sunday is great too!

Jen said...

I loved the rain today! Made for such a perfectly lazy day. I did clean my shower, but the bathroom was the only area I tackled, haha.

What book did you read?