Thursday, July 29, 2010


This week I've been super distracted.  It seems like no matter what, I just don't want to be at work...I don't want to do anything...I just want to "be".  I spent all day trying to stay focused on my work, but constantly checking my facebook, e-mail and blogger.  So many distractions.  I had plenty of work and the other girl I work with wasn't there today...I usually LOVE when she's gone because I get all the work and I get to do it the way I WANT the work done.  I'm just a tad particular and I wish she would do everything exactly as I do...but of course, that's not reality.  So, I try to choose my battles and decide what HAS to be done the way I want it and let the other things slide.  But, no...I've let everything distract me today. 

I'm blaming it on the "lazy days of summer".  That must be it.

So glad tomorrow is Friday...hopefully, it'll be a little more productive!


Rachel said...

I can so relate. The past week has been kinda slow at my office. I have work I SHOULD be doing, but YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and my blog are way more entertaining!!


Bargain Mom said...

I've been feeling this way a LOT lately. I am always checking my FB, twitter and email.

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