Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Wendy's Restaurants...

Dear Wendy’s Restaurants,

I live and work in small towns – two different small towns. In each of these towns, my fast food options are limited. In fact, in the small town that I live in your restaurant is the only option for fast food. I can’t say that I love your food, but I can tolerate it and definitely appreciate the convenience of having one of your restaurants nearby.

One of my favorite items on your menu is your salads. I was somewhat disappointed several months ago to find out that you were no longer offering the Low-Fat Honey Mustard salad dressing. Outside of Chick-Fil-A’s Fat Free Dijon Mustard dressing, it was by far one of the best low fat dressings I have found. However, I just dealt with the fat and used your honey mustard dressing because I liked your salads. My favorites were the Chicken BLT and the Southwest Taco Salad. I especially liked the Southwest salad because I could get the chili on the side and it was as-if I was getting more for my money – an entrée and a salad. And the tortilla strips just made that salad all the better.

Imagine my disappointment upon arriving at your establishment near my office the other day and finding out that you have “re-invented” your salads. And while I’m almost never usually open to new things, I have a few concerns about your “re-invented” salads.

#1 – The new Baja salad includes guacamole. I am suspicious of guacamole at the best Mexican restaurants. What makes you think that I’m going to trust guacamole from a fast food restaurant? I’ve known people who have gotten sick from eating bad avocados in their own home…I’m definitely not eating it from a fast food restaurant.

#2 – At least two of your new salads includes “real bleu cheese crumbles”. I noticed on your menu that you have several burgers that also include “real bleu cheese crumbles”. I’m just wondering if you got a special deal on these bleu cheese crumbles and why you think that makes these items more appealing to the general public. In the crowd that I regularly travel in, I think I only know of one person who likes bleu cheese. I guess you did some research on whether these items would sell and came to the conclusion that they would draw people in…but I can’t see the draw personally.

#3 – What is up with the “weird” salad dressing choices? Red jalapeño and avocado ranch? I can’t even imagine what either of these taste like…I’m just hoping you have standard dressings too…like ranch and the afore-mentioned honey mustard.

#4 – Were your salads really underselling that much or are you trying to compete with places like Panera for business? Because, quite honestly, I don’t go to Panera for the same reason I would go to one of your establishments.

Thank you for your consideration. I know that my opinion probably means little to you in the grand scheme of things…but I really feel like establishments, such as yours, should stop trying to re-invent the wheel and stick to what you know and what you already do well. Also, I think that your company should bring back the $.99 Value Meal at ALL of your establishments and not just a select few.

One more thing…when I order fries and just say “fries”…especially when all of my selections came from the “Value Menu”, your employees should automatically know that I meant the “Value” fry and not try to charge me for a “small fry”, which evidently costs more than $.99. Just saying…

Most Sincerely,

A Concerned Wendy's Customer

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Cara Smith said...

Really...those are their new dressing choices?

There are some things that are not to be trusted in fast food. Avacados are 1. Bleu cheese would be another.

I think maybe Wendy's need to replace their "idea" guy.