Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Minute!

My weekend was most of my life is...although it didn't seem that busy!  I helped out with a painting project at our church on Saturday and then spent time with my family on Sunday at Mom & Dad's swimming until the storms chased us out of the pool! :)  It was such a fun afternoon...and I followed it up by heading home and falling asleep on the couch watching Shrek 2! better to begin another week at the grindstone than with a Monday Minute, brought to you by Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality!  If you aren't already playing, you can head to his site and link up!

Monday Minute

What's your real name?


Have you ever fabricated a story or anything on your blog?

No - for me, the point of this thing is to be tell it like it is...and if I did fabricate something, I would let you know.  Trust me, this is really my life! 

When in the car do you listen to the radio/CDs/iPod/etc?

I most often listen to the radio...usually Rock 92 (because they have a very funny morning show) or K-Love...which are two very different ends of the spectrum!  When Dylan's in the car, he flips around between channels...mostly country...and always seems to change the channel right in the middle of the song I'm enjoying!

Describe the 'sexiest' item of clothing that you own

I don't think I own any clothing that makes me look sexy...

Would you be willing to breastfeed your friend's three year old child?

I don't think so...I'm not even sure if I'm willing to breastfeed my own child...and my firm rule on that is once they have teeth, it's time for the bottle!
Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!


deanna said...

honesty really is the BEST policy! way to go.

Melissa said...

I never lie on my blog. I don't see the point. If I wrote a story and wanted to post it then I would say, this is a story I made up... enjoy it. But I wouldn't pass it off as something real.

As for breastfeeding, I did try it (even though I wasn't entirely comfortable with it), but it didn't work out... I had poor milk supply. Oh well, lesson learned.

Cara Smith said...

My husband is really bad about changing a song I'm enjoying on the radio, or a show I'm watching on TV.

Ian said...

So you won't breastfeed my kid? fine... lol

Rachel said...

Great answers!

I gave your blog an award!

Have a great day!


Jeanette said...

Hey Jenn!
thanks for coming by my blog today and for your encouraging words. :) they made me smile and that is always a good thing, especially on a Monday!