Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was so honored to find out that I had won an award from my new blog friend, Rachel at Randomness with Rachel! I think I found Rachel’s blog through one of the Friday blog hops (or vice versa) and the first thing I noticed was the scripture verse at the top of her page from Jeremiah 29:11! This is one of my favorite verses. Rachel loves the Texas Rangers, and it seems Major League Baseball in general and her family. You should check her out!

Now, on to the award rules. I am supposed to list seven things about myself and then pass the award on to some new blogs that I’ve discovered. So, here goes…

#1 – I have a degree in Elementary Education and was licensed as a NC school teacher for 5 years; however, I have never professionally taught!

#2 – I work for a construction company and am only one of two women on staff…so the Elementary Ed degree comes in handy! Hee hee

#3 – I am left-handed, but I do everything, except eat & write, with my right-hand. When I was in Kindergarten, we had 3 or 4 kids in our class that were left-handed and there were never enough scissors to go around…so, I had to learn to use my right hand. Plus, it’s a right-handed world…it’s hard to get around that!

#4 – I can write in mirror – as in I can write my letters and words backwards and you would be able to read it in a mirror. I can do this almost as easily as I can write normally.

#5 – I own every season of The Gilmore Girls on DVD and watch the shows over and over. I usually watch it before I go to bed every night.

#6 – I love Redken hair products! I used to think that shampoo was shampoo and there’s no reason to pay extra for salon products…and then I started using Redken regularly…and realize the difference! Thankfully I have a good friend who can get me the products at cost and it helps a little bit!

#7 – I love re-run shows. Most of my favorite shows I found in syndication and only watch them now that they are officially off the air. I have no problem watching a show or movie…or reading a book…that I have read/seen before!

These are some blogs that I have found recently that I really am enjoying reading:

Family of Shorts
The Gone Again Smiths
Yours, Mine & Ours

Thanks again, Rachel!

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