Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beach Recap

I haven't really blogged about my beach trip...just while I was there.  Overall the trip was great.  We had a lot of fun...a lot of laughs...a lot of good memories.  Here's a few pics from the trip...

Can you beat this view???? Kure Beach, NC

Here's our sweet beach baby Ayden.  He just has the sweetest disposition...but he makes you work to get a smile!

This is me (on the left) and my sis with Ayden.

One night we went to the Kure Beach pier...this is me & Alyson...aka my "beach partner"...on the pier.  She called me her partner because we shared a room.  Aly loves her Aunt Jenn! :)

On Thursday, Dylan & I went to the Ft. Fisher Aquarium...Dylan got on the wrong side of this alligator! hee hee

Me & D at the aquarium

The day that Dylan & I went to the Aquarium, we also visited Fort Fisher.  I have to say...I was a bit disappointed.  The coast there is pretty...very rocky...but I was surprised that there was nothing there! In my teenage years, our church visited Fort Caswell every summer.  At Fort Caswell, they still have the concrete forts and a lot of the original buildings.  I didn't realize until I actually went to Fort Fisher that most of the original Fort Fisher is under water...since the coast line has eroded away over the years.

On our way out of Wilmington, Dylan & I decided to go to the USS North Carolina Battleship.  What was I thinking?  The temps that day were well in the 90's...so, we decided to go walk around a big metal ship...one that's not air conditioned...yeah, not smart on my part.  But, we both love visiting the Battleship and it'd been several years since we went.  It's really quite amazing to think about people living and working on this large ship and it gives me a great deal of respect for the men who served on this ship.  Especially in the hot summer months! 

And this the whole fam...from left to right...
Baby Ayden, my sister Missy, her hubby Zach, Alyson, Dad, Mom, Dylan & me!

So...there's just a little taste of our trip.  I would love to tell you that we did so many exciting things...but when I thought about what we did, other than Thursday when D & I went to the aquarium, every other day consisted of us getting up, eating breakfast, going to the beach, coming back, showering, eating dinner and doing a bunch of nothing for the rest of the evening!  We did go eat one night at a place called "Jack Mackerel's" right near the Kure Beach pier...it was really good!

Oh...and props to Dylan for being a good sport in taking pics...he's not always been so cooperative, but everytime I said "let me take your picture", he flashed the grin and let me take it!  Not too shabby for a 13 almost 14 year old! :)

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Salt said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome time! Oh how I long for a beach vacation. I still have to wait another month!