Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Change is good...sometimes...

I love Facebook...I'll admit it...I'm an addict.  I will also admit that I signed up for Facebook in order to try to stalk catch up with an old friend.  However, when I first signed up, I couldn't figure out how the whole Facebook thing worked.  I had teens telling me that they loved was so much better than Myspace...and I just didn't get it.  So, I had a Facebook with two friends for about a year.  One friend knew even less about Facebook than me...the other was one of these crazy teens that was trying to convince me that Facebook was so great.

Then, one day, I'm not sure how or when...I just sort of embraced Facebook.  I stopped trying to understand it and just "did" it...for lack of a better word.  I began to find friends...people I'd graduated high school roommates from college that I had fallen out of touch with...people I'd grown up with.  Suddenly I was able to keep up with my college roommate that lives in Arizona and I was able to connect with a girl I grew up with who now lives in Australia.  Irony of all ironies, the so-called friend that I had attempted to reconnect with never accepted my friend request and blocked me from even seeing her on Facebook (this is a whole other long story that really shouldn't have ended with this result...but whatever).  Anyway, I found a great deal of pleasure in keeping up with who was married, divorced, having babies, etc., etc. 

Then came the day that you could let everyone on the planet know what you are up to.  I can't say anything...I like to keep my friends up to date on my goings on too.  But, oh my goodness, the information that was now at my fingertips!  Now, I know who's got drama in their life...and who's heading to the pool...and who's going to be a new mommy...and so on and so forth.  Not only that, I now have information about people's relationship statuses...and who they are dating/married to/in a complicated relationship with...oh, my!  What a fabulous invention. *My BFF & I have a saying...we aren't stalkers, we're just curious! :)

Well, if you've kept up with the Facebook phenomenon, you know that there have been minor changes to the formats...and major changes.  Major changes that resulted in public outcries to "change back to the old Facebook format", which lead to new groups formed with thousands of people joining...hoping that Facebook would go back.  With each new change, people either embraced the new or hated it.  I, not being a big fan of change, was on the "hating it" bandwagon...until I figured it out and it didn't bother me too much.  For the most part, Facebook has stayed constant for the last few months...I know I've seen where they've made some changes that have violated some people's privacy...but I check my settings to make sure that the only things that are shared are the things I want shared.

Tonight, while scanning the recent updates...scrolling past the birthday wishes, a conversation between sister-in-laws about how to get labor started, seeing some new relationships beginning...and a few ending...I saw this as one of my friends' statuses:

Name being withheld loves that you can now like people's comments.

I had to read that several times...because I just didn't get it.  At first, I thought, you've always been able to "like" people's comments...but then I thought, no...that's statuses.  And then I looked down at the comments and realized that now there is a nifty little "like" button after.each.comment. WHAT??? that necessary??  I'm so confused.  Why would you need to like a person's comment?  Name being withheld says it's so you can be more specific with your "likes"...but really, do I need to be that specific?  I mean, if I like what one of my friends comments on another friends status, I just leave a quick little comment of my own.  Do I really need to "like" it?

Oh, my...change is good...but sometimes not very necessary!

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Melissa said...

that does seem pretty silly.