Friday, June 18, 2010

First of's time for Friendly Friday Follow! :)  Let me know if you are visiting from here!

And it's a Feel Good Friday!  I love Friday's as a general rule and this is a REALLY great Friday.  I'm choosing to post 5 things that made this week great!

1 - Tomorrow is my birthday!  YAY!  I love my birthday.  I keep waiting for the day that I am sad to be turning a year older, but I just haven't hit that!  I hope that's always the case!!

2 - Tomorrow I am also leaving for the beach for a week!  I can't wait.  My whole family is going - including parents, son, sister & hubby, niece & nephew.  And looks like good weather!  I'm so looking forward to this!

3 - I'm totally psyched about my new beach chair that I bought for $10!  WOOT WOOT!  I went to CVS, which oddly enough is the one of the few places in this part of NC that sells beach chairs, to get a chair...fully expecting to pay $18 for the chair.  When he priced it, he said it would be $10 with my extra card!  Of course, they only had now I'm on the search for at least one more...and if they have more than that, one for my BFF!

4 - J#1, of my 3 yr old twin friends J&J, asked me to bring him something back from the beach.  I said, "What could I bring you?"  He said, "What about seashells?"  He & J#2 are totally getting seashells!  J#1 was so sweet to me Wednesday them to pieces!  I might even spring for a little something that actually costs money!

5 - I have already received two birthday gifts - the first, from my BFF Ash, is a Life is Good backpack!  With flip flops on it!  Just in time for the beach!!!  I  love it.  The other gift, from Kathleen that I work with, is a 5lb bag of sour patch kids!!  I love sour patch kids!  This will be the perfect treat while I'm lounging on the beach!

Happy Friday...not sure that I'll be on here much, if at all, over the next week.  Not sure if I'll have internet connection.  If not, I'll see you in a week!


aLmYbNeNr said...

Oh my goodness! Yours is TRULY a FGF! Happy early birthday and have a great time at the beach!

Jenn said...

Thanks bunches!!!

Anne said...

Stopping by for FGF! Adorable blog!!

Angelia Sims said...

Oh!!! The Beach! Awesome! What a great birthday gift.

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Happy Feel Good Friday!

I am excited for you and hope you find that sweet deal on another chair. :-)

Enjoy your week!


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Jenn said...

Thanks everyone for the bday wishes & for those who are visiting! And I DID find another chair! WOOT WOOT! :)

Brynn said...

Happy B-day & have fun at the beach!! I'm a new follower from FFF. Cant wait to read more! :-)

Madison said...

Have an awesome birthday and have fun at the beach!

Mama Hen said...

I am here from Friday Follow! You have a new follower! Come and visit Mama's Little Chick.

Mama Hen

Mr Monkey said...

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Thanks, Mr. Monkey