Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's not *insert gift here*

We have a running joke in my family that began a long time ago when my sister (younger than me) was probably 5 or so.  Missy was always horrible at keeping gifts a secret from the gift recepient.  So, most of the time Missy didn't find out what was in the gift until the person was opening it.  One year, though, Mom either told Missy what our grandfather's birthday gift was or Missy went with her when she bought it...therefore Missy did know what was in the gift.  I do remember there were strict warnings to both of us to NOT tell PawPaw what was in the gift beforehand. 

So, it came present opening time and my sister, trying to be all discreet, said to my grandfather "It's not pajamas"...which is prescisely what was in the gift.  I guess she thought it would still be a surprise if she said "not" and he opened the gift and it was pajamas.  I'm not sure...sometimes, even now, Missy's thought processes are somewhat difficult to follow.

Enter present day.  My niece, Alyson, who is 6 1/2, is her mother made over again.  She may look like her dad, but she has all of my sister's personality...including a great deal of prissyness and a lot of attitude.  So, today, my sister called me and said "You will never believe what Alyson said this morning."  Evidently, they went Father's Day shopping last night and my sister bought her hubby a new pair of Rainbow flip flops.  These were well deserved...his current pair had been chewed up by one of their dogs and are well worn.  This morning he tells my sister that he really doesn't need anything for Father's which my sister replies, "But we've already made a point to go out and get you something."  And my niece pipes up and says "Yeah, and it's not flip flops!" 

And who says that attitude and mannerisms aren't genetic? 

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