Friday, June 11, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

There's so much to feel good about today!

#1 - It's Friday!  That's always something to celebrate!

#2 - School's out!  YAY!  I don't know why this excites me so much since I don't have a child that I have to nag to do his homework or get ready in the morning.  Occasionally I have to wake him up, but from there he does it all himself.  But there's just something about knowing that school is out that just lightens my heart and makes me want to sing (Alice Cooper, of course) and smile!

Now - my something good that happened this week....

We have these twin boys in our church - J&J - that are 3 1/2.  They are adorable...well, when they want to be.  (Aren't we all adorable when we want to be?)  Anyway, I usually eat dinner with them on Wednesday's at the meal prior to church...and this Wednesday, let's just say I wasn't feeling it.  Not the boys...but just life!  Their grandmother (who is their adopted mother) asked how my day had been and I said, "Good" without much conviction.  I said...I just think I'm grumpy.  Well, J #1 said "Don't be gwumpy" and gave me the sweetest smile.  Then he proceeded to do everything within his 3 year old power to make me smile.  He dipped his food in lemonade, because he knew it drives me nuts and when I'd BEG him not to do it, he'd just grin at me.  I guess you could say he was baiting me...but honestly...even though I think this is gross and made me smile. 

Of course, I tried to tell him that if he dunked his food in lemonade that hair would grow out of his ears...which he didn't believe...and to which his grandmother said, "Maybe Miss Jennifer's not such a good influence after all".

And then, last BFF, who happens to be their Godmother, posted this on facebook:

From The Mouths Of 3 Year Olds:

1. Adam and Eve came from the Garden of Lies where they lived in a poor, "wittle", old house...

2. They did NOT have children, they claimed I was making up the names Cain, Abel and Seth...

3. They had a dog named Chloe that was soooooo sweet, J #1 said...

4. Moses said, "Let My People GO, ...please and thank you"..

5. They sing John 3:16 to our own special tune...and know ALL the words!

and I had to smile again...

They truly are precious and God has given them wonderful grandparents...and a wonderful set of Godparents...and wonderful people surrounding them to help raise them.

Feel good's's Summer...School's Out!!!!  YAY!!!

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