Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Three Day Weekend Recap

Well, on Friday...after rushing home from work...stopping by my parents to pick up a last minute duffle bag for Dylan, I got Dylan dropped at his friend Seth's house so they could go to the lake.  Seth ended up having to run the sound for a school chorus concert...so they didn't quite get away as quickly as they wanted.  Friday night we had terrible storms...I think I already wrote about this...but I had the good TV all to myself, watched shows I had DVR'd that Dylan has no interest in and basically vegged all night!

So, how much did I get done on my to-do list?  Let's see...

#1 - Buy a bathing suit - didn't happen.  Didn't have the $$.  Will put off to this weekend, but I'm determined to get one this weekend so I can make sure I'm not running around the week before I go to the beach looking for a bathing suit.

#2 - Clean out the fridge - oh, I did this...and am I EVER glad I did.  I thought my shelves were frosted glass.  Guess what?  They're not.  My fridge looks brand new!

#3 - Clean the house - done...I even mopped.  Of course, now that Dylan's back...it doesn't look quite as clean. *sigh*

#4 - Clean out my car - this didn't happen either.  I forgot about it...and then I ran out of time on Saturday and Monday afternoon it was raining...so it wouldn't have done me any good.  So, I will try to get that done this coming weekend.

#5 - Find out about Netflix on Wii...I think I might have this figured out...just trying to determine if the cost per month is worth it.  We'd have to rent 9 movies per month in order for me to justify it.  I think I might wait for a bit.

#6 - Clean out bathroom cabinet - SO got this done and it looks SO good!  I was so excited about all the space I opened up and got my towels in the cabinet and out from underneath the sink.  I'm still loving what I did!

#7 - Go to grocery store - I did do this...and not at 6am...and didn't have a panic attack! :)  Also, I was determined to only spend $55 (because I had a $50 Verizon rebate card and a $5 Wal-Mart card) and left spending only about $9!  What a blessing!  Of course, I forgot a few things and had to go back...but it wasn't too bad.

# 8 - Sleep in - yeah...as already stated, this didn't happen on Saturday.  Monday I slept in until 7:15am.  Yeah...not exactly what I had in mind.  But it worked out because I needed to be up to bake a cake.

The weekend was really good...can't complain too much.  Spent Saturday night with good friends at Bowman Gray (it's like Nascar with much more drama).  Sunday morning, I helped lead worship in The Oaks Clubhouse, which is what we call our children's area and did a little shopping at Kohl's and my Wal-Mart trip...lazed around Sunday afternoon...played a little Wii by myself, since Dylan didn't come home until Monday.  On Monday, we cooked out at Mom & Dad's and we had a blast!  All in all a good weekend.

I am getting more and more excited as we get closer to our family beach trip.  I just can't wait for lazy days on the beach, playing with a certain 6 1/2 year old in the water, chasing a sweet crawler down the beach and just having wonderful family time. 

I can almost hear the ocean...

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